Kindergarten CVRČAK Virovitica

4E4K   |   03.10.2017.
Kindergarten CVRČAK Virovitica

Kindergarten CVRČAK Virovitica is a public institution founded by the City of Virovitica. The kindergarten activity is preschool education and care of preschool children.

First official document in which existance of the Kindergarten in this area is mentioned is from year 1950. During its history, it was owned by several organizations and according to that, it changed the name and legal status. Last change was in year 1995 and since then official name of this kindergarten is Kindergarten CVRČAK Virovitica. It was founded by the City of Virovitica and works as a public institution.

Through the years, the number of children increased and because of that the number of groups and employees also increased. Because of lack of the space, there had to be insured a bigger place for all that children. From just one, Kindergarten now works in four buildings.

Besides the educational work with children, working program of kindergarten pays attention to the physical health and care of children. Professional development of educators is one of the crucial things on which Kindergarten pays attention to, because it is very important that they know how to behave properly and treat the children.

The motto of Kindergarten is: “Do not look at the child as if it is a jewel, instead make them to be like a jewel” (L. de Vasto).



Pejačevićeva 1
     33000 Virovitica

+385 33 801 545

+385 33 729 000

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